What we do

Development Strategies Plus offers a variety of services to help your organization succeed and thrive. We partner with you to create the tools and systems needed to successfully address today’s business dilemmas while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Team building and coaching

Leadership. The will to win. Belief in the team. All are elements of what it takes to build a great team with a competitive edge.

When the task at hand is complex, teams can provide the most effective and efficient use of resources. Yet, bringing together a diverse group of people who must work together can be a challenge. Building creative and productive teams requires more than lumping people together. We equip teams with the necessary foundation for success. At Development Strategies Plus, we push good teams to greatness.

Executive and leadership development

Executives or other high potential employees are often thrust into roles because of their technical expertise. The leadership challenges that your organization face are unique, shaped by current culture, environment, people, history, opportunities and goals.

At Development Strategies Plus, we guide your talent toward true leadership as they face the unexpected in new technologies, business growth, mergers and/or acquisitions, and their own professional development. We develop individually tailored tools (including assessments and succession planning) and coaching sessions that build a facilitative, one-to-one, mutually designed relationship. As a result, your leadership will achieve both organizational and personal success.

Organizational review, analysis & redesign

When culture, leadership, goals and organizational structure are fully integrated, you increase both your capacity and potential for effectiveness. To help you meet today's competitive challenges, Development Strategies Plus develops the structures and systems to improve your organizational effectiveness. This analysis helps you identify problem areas or potential pitfalls prior to a change initiative.

Whether your organization needs better customer focus, reengineered business processes to increase profitability, a culture merger or change implementation, your collaboration with Development Strategies Plus can improve your efficacy and offer clear direction to prepare you for action.

Whole systems change initiatives

Experience shows that even the best blueprint for change is only as good as the willingness of people to both accept and support it. By including people in plans and strategies, you can achieve enhanced support and ensure a successful implementation. Development Strategies Plus helps you manage the human side of change through whole systems change initiatives. We guide clients in maintaining performance and productivity with solutions that deliver results through people, not just processes.

Our whole systems approach recognizes all change initiatives as systems issues. We engage entire organizations in profound and fast change. The robust process aligns key stakeholders on vital issues, allowing all to collectively participate in creating their future.

Strategy acceleration

If you could optimize the full potential of your organization, you would need insight into the unique dynamics of your business, recognition of your strategic position, and the ability to turn challenges and adversity into prospects for growth and expansion.

At Development Strategies Plus, we do just that. Our unique and creative approach taps all resources of the management team. We provide tools that create focus and purpose within the organization; establish critical, long-range strategies that take into account key, external factors; and define responsibilities and accountabilities. Our strategy acceleration process presents a solid foundation upon which your organization can build and grow.

Education and training

Strategically aligned education and training build the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary for sustained progress toward your organization’s future. To remain successful, you must develop your own capabilities through your employees.

Our "hands-on" approach to learning stresses skills and knowledge rather than techniques and gimmicks. Customized program designs from Development Strategies Plus allow for transfer of insights from workshops to practical business applications, ensuring that your educational experience is much more than just a memorable time!